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Is It Better To Have A Glass Of Wooden Vivarium For A Corn Snake?

My Corn snake is about a year and a half old now and I need to move him into a bigger vivarium as soon as possible as he is getting too big for what he is in now. I’m not sure if it is better to have a glass vivarium or wooden, or whether it [...]

Any Handymen About In Thurrock?

is there any handymen/ bricklayers in thurrock area who can help me?i want to replace my garage door with a window have all the matiarals but cant find person to do it.the work should only take less than a day how much would a few hours labour cost?

What Price Would I Expect To Pay For A Cap Flap With Professional Installation On A Double Glazed Patio Door?

I just want the cheapest possible, nothing fancy. I am based in Kent/south east london area, if anyone knows of a cheap professional, please let me know. Thanks.

My Front Door Is Not Secure, I Can See My Lock And Latch, How Do I Make It Safe And Secure?

How can I tighten my front door, so it is more secure? The hinges are tight.. Is there another way to tighten my door? The hinged side is nice and tight, but where the door locks and latches there is a big gap and light comes through.. Please Help!

Can You Park A Car Infront Of A Drive-in Door/loading Dock?

I have an office i lease, and the property has many other tennants that also have garage doors. The Landlord stated it was a drive-door, however one of the other tenants blocks my garage with her Mercedes when she parks in front of her own door. Is it legal to for her to park there? [...]

Am I In Labour Help Me Please I Am Not Sure?

I was just struggling to open the patio door when I felt incredible strain in my lady bits, pain ripped through me and bought me to my knees. I am 32 weeks pregnant but have gestational diabetes. Everything else is fine. I haven’t had a bloody show neither has the mucus plug come out but [...]

What Sites In The North West Can I Use My Waste Carriers Licence Uk?

i am a self employed joiner and have to take my old wooden doors to the site what sites in the liverpool north west can i use my Waste Carriers Licence

Do I Need Planning Permission Or Anything For My Garage?

I had a garage built onto the side of my property last year. It’s a small house and small garage. Next door already had a garage so I basically had to add a front and back then add a roof. Breeze block only without foundations. I am in the process of selling the house and [...]

Rotten Lintel On Patio Door Or Is It Something Else?

I have a patio door, everyday i have to wipe down quite an exsessive amount of water from the door and it is wet again within an hour (more like within 5 mins) Basically it is an old sliding door, which we have taken off and resealed and we have also resealed the brick work [...]

Is This A Good Creative Writing Piece And What Level Would It Be? Are They Any Improvements I Can Make?

As I opened the large, wooden door of the church the darkness made my heart thump inside my chest. Everything was so dark as if it had been deserted. I switched on the light to illuminate the dark sanctuary and immediately the lights switched on one after the other like dominos. There before me I [...]