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Internal Doors, not unlike floors and flooring, will be purchases that are usually one offs for your current home. Furniture and furnishings come and go but you still need to ensure that the style of internal doors match your room's needs and design function to offset any future change in taste or decoration.


You would initially believe that finding the right door for your home would be an easy process. After all, most people buy their homes with doors already in place and not many look to replace them. Internal doors however are as unique as your own tastes, just as much as external doors and the features are much the same.

Internal doors come in a variety of shapes, styles, colours, finishes and materials. From Oak, Walnut and Pine, in chocolate, ash grey or a natural pre-finish state and stained. Internal doors also offer glazed panelling (glass), decorative wood panelling with intricate designs and come as heavy hard wood doors, metal or light partition internal doors.


Choosing the right style of door for your home could be done so on an individual room by room basis or to match a whole floor or whole home concept. Many people choose the same type of door with variants, sliding doors for the kitchen, glazed panel doors for the bathroom for added light to French doors for the living room and panelled doors on the bedrooms.

There really is a lot of choice these days when considering internal doors for your home, you can vary design while keeping the same colours and styles throughout or decide upon a complete change. Bright red doors to match your living room design or dark maroon dependent on your room's mood.

Patio Doors can have a really dramatic effect on the inside and outside look of your house.
Patio Doors can have a really dramatic effect on the inside and outside look of your house.

Function needs to be considered also. There's nothing worse than fitting doors throughout and finding they're too lightweight, close when you don't wish them too, bang or make a noise, or a struggle to open because they're too heavy.

Internal doors also serve another purpose. To keep a room's temperature constant, to allow light through from another perspective. The internal doors could have added security features also, act as fire doors or come with locks for when you're away.

Whether you're seeking out single doors, double doors, French doors or sliding doors for your home that come equipped with added security features or wood and glazed panels, be sure to know a door is much more than just an exit to another room, it's also an entrance to another.